This is Capella

Capella Cable

Capella is the technological breeding ground for innovation and growth.

Technology is the breeding ground for innovation and growth. In the world of logistics, this breeding ground has traditionally been the end user’s responsibility, often added retrospectively only when the development has been completed.

Capella offers end users this technological breeding ground as part of the basic package. Pre-installed and ready to use, upon delivery on every Stellar Development destination.

Capella Specifications

Innovative light and data system.

Capella makes use of the lighting infrastructure and ultra-thin polymer-optical-fiber (POF) cables to enable optimum connectivity, lighting, security and climate control.

Capella provides every destination with connectivity, lighting, wireless sensors, climate control and emergency lighting. Capella supports robotization and a range of Internet of Things (IoT) applications, now and in the future.

Capella capacities

Ara Almelo warehouse highlights

Maximum flexibility,

minimum risk.

Capella gives end users maximum flexibility and scalability, with minimum risk and manageable costs. All functionalities are monitored remotely and managed from the cloud, providing end users with proactive assistance in the event of changing requirements and in any emergencies that may arise.

A unique connection.

Capella is an initiative of Stellar Development and Heembouw. Established through a unique connection between innovative specialists, TRILUX, FiberUnlimited, Mymesh, and Inotec.

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