With Gaia, we measure our impact on Nature objectively.

Gaia overview

Investing in Nature in

ways everything and

everyone benefits.

Each Stellar Development destination is developed nature inclusively. To measure and calculate our efforts, we collaborate with Rebel Group, which we assign to objectively assess the environmental, social, and financial effects of our builds. Experience gleaned from previous developments tell us that investing in Nature adds significant value for the environment, end users, investors, and developers. With Gaia, we learn how to invest in Nature in ways everything and everyone benefits.

Gaia connection grid

The Gaia connection grid shows how investing in Nature adds value.

To visualize our findings, we designed the Gaia connection grid - inspired by social cost-benefit analysis and other evaluation techniques - fully integrated within the Stellar Development identity.

Ara Almelo Entrance (Gaia Page)

Read the Gaia report by Rebel Group on Ara Almelo.

The most important conclusion; nature yields considerable added value and is a connecting factor for both end-user, environment, investor, and developer.

Gaia is an initiative of Stellar Development, Heembouw and Rebel Group.

The name ‘Gaia’ refers to the birth of the Earth from chaos, which contains all the basic components, the four elements: earth, water, air, and fire. ‘Gaia’ also refers to the most exact measuring instrument in the universe, launched in 2013.