Corner view of main entrance of Hydra Utrecht
Corner view of main
entrance of Hydra Utrecht

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  • Q4 2022
  • Completed

Hydra Utrecht is an excellent opportunity for parties looking for a state-of-the-art destination for city distribution or regular distribution.



Office space


Mezzanine area


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Corner view of main entrance of Hydra Utrecht
Corner view of main
entrance of Hydra Utrecht

Stellar Development introduces each destination with a captivating trailer that highlights its unique features. Each trailer is complimented by its own, custom sound theme, inspired by the season in which the destination is delivered. Press ‘play’ to experience Hydra Utrecht with the seasonal sounds of winter.

Updates from the construction site.

The interior of Hydra Utrecht, coming to completion

Announcement of the new destination

A detail showing the sprinklertank

The exterior of Hydra Utrecht starts showing its final shape

The interior of Hydra Utrecht starts showing its final shape

From render to reality...

Nature, architecture, technology & functionality: these elements add up to a destination of ‘stellar’ quality.

A special feature of Hydra Utrecht is the incorporation of greenery (nature) into the urban environment that is inherent to building on a brownfield. Nature-inclusive features were given a fundamental role in the design, which created a strong relationship with the immediate environment - a pleasant destination, combined with inviting architecture that contributes to biodiversity.

The sprinkler tank, an innovative nature-inclusive statement, positioned centrally on the property, functions as the largest permanent insect hotel in Europe. Water management was also an essential topic within Hydra Utrecht. We significantly improved water management for people and animals in this project, contributing to climate-resilient area for local residents.

Bringing nature back to the urban environment of Lage Weide.

Historical images from the database of Utrecht municipality.
Rogier Kant

A green environment has a positive impact for everyone.

Senior Architect, Rogier Kant
Heembouw Architecten

The interpretation of nature and greenery on site has been carefully thought out. Part of this includes the green slats against the property and the complete framing of the destination. A flowery grassland was chosen, not neat and tidy, but a robust infill with different plants, shrubs, and trees, creating a whole biodiverse system. By adding nature to the design of this destination and its grounds, you ensure that you are serving people, flora and fauna. A green environment makes for a pleasant environment – it has a positive impact on all, I truly believe that.

Hydra Utrecht nature highlights
Front façade of
Hydra Utrecht

The innovative sprinkler tank will become the largest insect hotel in Europe.

Sprinkler tank
Sprinkler tank view
from Hydra Utrecht lot

We decided to put the sprinkler tank in the middle of the site, very present, and turned it into a unique feature; a huge insect hotel. This interpretation was created by bringing together all the expertise needed to make it work. For example, the architect devised the frame of the tank and the types of plants were chosen by the landscape architect. We have considered the best route for placing this flora, so that it is functional for fauna that live here. The sprinkler tank will be the largest insect hotel in Europe and thus a sign of this nature-inclusive building. Something we are proud of.

Ecologist, Matthijs Bokje
ATKB | The Green Space

Optimal biodiversity at the building & area level for humans and animals.

As an ecologist, I am involved in the development of the Stellar Development destinations. From an ecological perspective, I will explain what happens when you put up a huge building, and then what it takes to embrace nature. Take the function of the ivy, for example. It is a plant that you can easily grow against a façade and is a nice green solution for an architect, as well as having great ecological value for insects. But the way you do it is crucial. For the growth and maintenance of ivy, a good basis needs to be established in order to provide adequate shelter and nesting opportunities for birds. The installed bat boxes should have enough space and be accessible, vegetation should not cause any hindrance here. The bats will soon benefit from the insects that come to the ivy.

Ecologist, Matthijs Bokje
ATKB | The Green Space

Close-up of Hydra Utrecht’s
sprinkler tank greenery

Nature number 32
Flower & plant varieties covering the buildings, and grounds of Hydra Utrecht.
Nature number 63
Mature & young trees
 mixed planted

Hydra Utrecht is certified as BREEAM® Very Good, a sustainable destination.

Sustainability is a fundamental part of the Stellar Development brand, as for Hydra Utrecht. Working on a BREEAM ‘Very Good’ score for the development, the starting point here is the ambition to save on energy needs. To achieve this, translucent façade panels were applied, this way more daylight enters the building. Sustainable materials are also used to optimize the building's envelope. For the façade, we used sandwich panels, which are light and also ensure 12% less use of material. The necessary techniques to achieve this BREEAM certification were applied to the components of general temperature control, monitoring and measuring energy consumption, among others.

Unique material choices for Hydra Utrecht.

Smooth concrete base

Sandwich panels

Façade finishing

Composite slats

Steel construction

Wood as a covering for the sprinkler tank

Facade vegetation

Hydra Utrecht façades
Corner view of main
entrance of Hydra Utrecht

Circular construction

contribute to greatly

reduced CO² footprint.

Being an architectural builder Heembouw has the perfect starting position to carefully select building materials at an early stage. That choice positively impacts the MPG score - Dutch government’s tool to measure the environmental impact of materials used in the construction. Typically this is used for homes and office buildings, but we are introducing this to Stellar Development’s destinations too, resulting in actively lowering its carbon footprint. As an example, at Hydra Utrecht, we reuse concrete and masonry rubble, which contributes to the improved MPG score, among other things. The government’s MPG standard is 1.0, the Hydra Utrecht destination without solar panels and energy supply comes out to 0.56. That’s 44% below the norm. A wonderful achievement in sustainability.

Director of Industrial Buildings, Rinus Verhey

Concrete from previous site is
collected and 100% recycled

From waste to resource.

The concrete & masonry debris from existing buildings on site - traditionally considered as waste - was collected and processed into mixed granulate. We used it as the concrete underlayer for the building’s hall and pavement.

Vehicle charging stations in Hydra Utrecht
Vehicle charging stations
in Hydra Utrecht

8 electric charging stations.

LED lighting in the aisles.

20,000 m² area of solar cells.

Electric car charging points are provided at the parking areas for users and visitors, entirely powered by sustainably generated energy and available to everyone. These parking areas will be constructed of semi-paved surfaces and accompanied by various types of native plants, shrubs and trees. The entire building will be equipped with LED lighting. The rows of LED lights in the aisles will be equipped with presence detection sensors, eliminating wasted active hours. With a roof area of nearly 20,000 m², nearly 1,000 households can be supplied with electricity after installation of optional solar panels.

Burak Aydin

We are developing a climate-resilient area for local residents.

Project Coordinator, Burak Aydin

Water management has been a very important consideration in Hydra Utrecht's plan design. The application of retention crates and the widening of the watercourse around the building, improves the water management for the site, residents, and animals. In fact, the exact addition of buffer capacity (approximately 314 m³) was well above the Water Board's ambition level. These interventions will, among other things, allow for much better absorption of peak rainfall in the future. As a result, the development of the zoning will contribute to a climate-resilient area for local community.

Separate passenger and freight traffic.

Private entrance to the parking lots. 

A semi-paved path around the building.

Entrance accessible for reach trucks and narrow aisle trucks.

The site will be designed for functionality and safety with separate traffic for people and freight. One driving direction applies to the entire site, and the site is accessed by an exit on the Niels Bohrweg. Additional traffic signs will also be installed to regulate traffic flow. It goes without saying that sufficient attention will also be paid to road safety during the development. For maintenance and escape routes, a path in semi-paved material will be constructed around the property.

Front entrence of

Hydra Utrecht

Function highlight number 1
Electrically operated loading docks with levelers
Function highlight number 2
Parking spaces, semi-paved for optimal water management

Hydra Utrecht is centrally located in the Netherlands, in the Lage Weide business park. It has excellent accessibility by road, rail, and water. The A2 highway is less than five minutes from the destination, same as CTU's inland terminal. Schiphol Airport is only thirty minutes away.
This ensures perfect positioning between Utrecht, The Hague and Amsterdam, offering an excellent opportunity for parties looking for a state-of-the-art destination for city distribution or regular distribution.

Completion Q4 2022. Available for lease now.