What we build today affects our tomorrow.

Virgo Aalsmeer by Stellar Development
  • Through a vertical approach and backed up by Heembouw’s 80 years of experience, we develop logistics real estate that connects Nature, Architecture, Technology, and Functionality.

  • We know what we build today affects our tomorrow. A Stellar Development destination won‘t just take up space. With human sense, data, and technology, we secure long-term value over short-term wins.

  • And through profound design, we create synergy between logistics and human needs, empowering life, through work. We are Stellar Development, we develop destinations where people want to be.

Stellar Development

We develop destinations by

  • Adding

    We strive for multifunctional use, allocating space for ever-changing local needs and services outside logistics and distribution.

  • Choosing

    We choose long-term value creation over short-term wins because what we build today affects our tomorrow.

  • Designing

    We design for synergy between logistics, human, and environmental needs, in order to empower all at all times.

We look beyond existing possibilities


As Stellar Development, our mission is to change the current landscape of logistics real estate one destination at a time. We do so by continuously questioning and being reflective on ourselves how to do better. By seizing the right opportunity once it arises. By always being focused on every detail while at the same time being willing and able to zoom out and keep a clear view of the bigger picture.

Heembouw Headquarters

Heembouw headquarters

In collaboration with Heembouw.

Heembouw, with its 80 years of experience, creates places where people want to be. Together with colleagues and suppliers, Heembouw commits all its knowledge and experience in order to create and realise a living or working environment for their customers, in which they feel at home. As our partner, we share the same vision of doing things differently in the world of logistics real estate. This allows us to develop destinations where people want to be.

Our team consists of top-level professionals in the fields of architecture, logistics, technology, and design.

Team Members